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    Friday Finds

    Happy Friday! Was it just me or did this week last forever? Maybe because it’s the end of the month. Well, i’m very happy I finally launched this blog and hope everyone enjoyed the posts. Have a great weekend and here are some fun things I found on the world wide web:

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    Thin Mint Brownies

    I love girl scout cookies. So imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t find any kids to buy cookies from! Is it just me or have they diminished over the years? I remember when I had to ration only one box per kid because there were so many kids coming to the door + coworkers selling for their kids. This year… none. Which brings me to this recipe. Continue Reading


    DIY Confetti Soap

    Oh hi! Welcome! This is my first blog post ever and I’m very excited you’re here :). Start it off with a DIY, shall we? Let’s make some soap!

    Last weekend, per usual I ran out of soap with none on hand. I’m very bad at preemptively buying things before they run out, so I always end up buying a not so nice soap from the closest store. Continue Reading